Which Game to Play: Live Keno vs. Live Mega Ball

Live dealer games have evolved over time from a cutting-edge subset to our main method of playing our favorite titles.

The quantity of games offered increases yearly due to live casinos’ ongoing expansion and appeal. While some are entirely new games, others are recreations of already-published rummy nabob download works! Both promise you an amazing experience and lots of big wins. It makes selecting one really challenging!

We were rather distracted with Mega Ball’s recent launch. We spent countless hours trying to work the magic in our new game! Even while it’s exciting, it can’t help but resemble another game in certain ways. You will notice that there are some similarities between the two games if you have ever played Keno. Which raises the question: which is more advantageous for gamers?

Come along as we examine both games in great detail. We’ll talk about how they operate and the kinds of prizes we can anticipate. You will comprehend both releases more clearly by the end of this post. With that information in hand, we can determine which of these two new titles is superior. Is it better to play Live Mega Ball or Live Keno?

Mega Ball
Not many developers are able to create as much buzz as Evolution Gaming. But then again, Mega Ball’s huge win potential has something to do with it! It was among the software provider’s rummy modern most intriguing games from 2020. This game deserves all of the hype that it is receiving. After all, you can win up to €500,000 in a single round, making it one of the rare live dealer games.

Each turn, you have the option to purchase up to 200 cards. Twenty-four numbers are printed on each card, arranged at random in a 5 by 5 grid. It is believed that the center position is a free place.You can rearrange the numbers on a particular card as many times as you’d like if you’re not content with them. Another benefit is that you won’t have to pay anything for this.

Now that the wagers are over, the action starts! There is a ball-drawing machine that is always visible and will begin to shoot up numbers. There is a number on every ball. The ball is shot up, rolls down into a tube, and then, after the round is over, feeds back into the machine. Automatically, twenty numbered balls are drawn to complete the spaces on the cards.

The twenty-first ball, at last, has a multiplier attached! There is a range of 5x to 100x. Only when the final drawn ball completes a winning combination does the multiplier kick in. The number rummy gold of lines completed and the presence or absence of a multiplier determine how much money you win.

Play Keno
BetConstruct’s Live Keno and Mega Ball share a very similar core idea. Once more, the objective is to sketch the correct numbers and hope that enough of them line up to result in a victory. The two games differ greatly in their primary experiences, despite certain similarities between them. If you play well and are fortunate, you might win €100,000 for just one round!

You choose the set of numbers you want to play when the round begins. We played a variant where you could choose ten numbers. After that, twenty numbers in the shape of balls are drawn. It is your task to guess the numbers that will be pulled. The greater the number of matching numbers on your ticket, the greater the ultimate payout.

The adaptability of BetConstruct’s release is one of our favorite things about it. Several alternatives are available as part of their Live Keno game. One variation of the game allows you to select eight or ten numbers. Instead of playing a round every three or four minutes, you can play tables where a new round starts every half a minute. Either the primary bets or the side bets are options. With this title, the options are endless!

There are lots of other side bets you can place. You might attempt to forecast if the first five drawn numbers will contain more odd or even numbers. In the same spirit, you may try to guess whether the first number will be even or odd. There are two more bets that can be made: whether the first number alone or the total of the first five numbers will have a low or high value. You can also place a bet on the order of the balls and the colors that will be drawn.

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